Welcome to the iSparkle™ world of connected decorative lights!

A world where you can control one or many Bluetooth enabled iSparkle™ lightsets through any iOS (v.8.0 or later) or Android (v. 4.3 or later) mobile device!

Using your preferred mobile device and the proprietary iSparkle™ app, you can control any iSparkle™ powered light.  Create patterns, alternate colors, set your preferred brightness, make your lights sync and pulse to your favorite music and much, much more!

How does it work?





Purchase any of our ever-growing selection of iSparkle™

powered lights.

Download the iSparkle™ app from the store associated with your device.

Connect your iSparkle™ lighting devices by Bluetooth.

Select from dozens of  options, patterns and functions!

Some of the amazing functions available


Select from beautiful options including Flashing, Fading, Strobe, Twinkling and several more combinations! 


Make your iSparkle™ lights respond to the rhythm of your favorite music. Select from pre-loaded seasonal songs or your own music library.


The iSparkle™ system allows your light devices to respond to voice, singing, or ambiant sound, for an amazing integrative effect. Karaoke, anyone?


Control which iSparkle™ lights are connected, create groups of lights,

and apply functions and timers to individual lights or light groups. 


iSparkle™ contains

two individual

timers—set your lights

to automatically begin

as the sun sets and close after you've gone to bed, or any way you prefer...

It's all automatic! 


Choose effects like white, multicolor or both and adjust dimming effect up or down to create

the perfect mood

for any moment!

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