How can I download iSparkle App?

Download iSparkle Light App on Google Play or App Store below: Click for Android - Click for iOS, Download iSparkle RGB App: Click for Android - Click for iOS

On what mobile devices can I install the iSparkle™ app?

iSparkle™ is compatible with both the iOS and Android operating systems. You can install iSparkle™ on any device running iOS v8.0 or later and any device running Android 4.3 or later.

Can I connect and control ANY light to my iSparkle™ app?

The iSparkle™ app is compatible with any iSparkle™ Bluetooth powered lightset. Normal lights without Bluetooth capability will not appear on your device list.

How many devices can I connect to iSparkle™ in total?

You can add up to 7 iSparkle™ lightset devices to your iSparkle™ app.

From how far can I control my iSparkle™ lightsets?

The controlling device must be within approximately 15 meters (50 feet) of the receiving lightset. The distance at which you can operate the products may also be affected by walls or large objects in the path from your mobile device to your lightsets.

How do I add and remove new lightsets to my iSparkle™ app?

To add or remove lightsets to your iSparkle™ app, enter the “Manager” section and choose “lights.” There you can see lights connected, rename lights or add and remove lights. For more information, please see the user manual.

What is the purpose of “groups?”

Groups are customized collections of lightsets that you choose to control together as a set. With the groups function, you can control the mode, on/off timing and other functions within a single group. Try creating competing effects between different groups.

I can’t connect my iSparkle™ lightset…what should I do?

Make sure Bluetooth® (and Location services for Android) are turned ON, the lightset is plugged in, and you are within range (10 meters/30 feet). Make sure you have no more than 7 lightsets connected already. If these conditions are all met, close and restart the app. If unsuccessful, turn Bluetooth® (and Location services for Android) off and then on again on your device. You can also try disconnecting your lights from within the Manager panel and then re-connecting them. If still unsuccessful, turn off all connected lightsets, re-start the lightsets and restart the iSparkle™ app, then reconnect your lights.

Why can’t I click the “multicolor” button in “Patterns” mode?

First, check to see if the lightset your have selected is in fact a multi-color light, as this function will not work with mono-color devices. If you are adjusting a group, check to make sure the group does not contain any mono-color lightsets. If this is not the problem, try restarting the app.

Why do I not see my iSparkle™ lightset in my device list?

If you do not see an iSparkle™ lightset on your device list, make sure that the lightset is plugged in and working normally, and that your mobile device is operating normally with Bluetooth® turned ON. (For Android users, you may ALSO need to turn on “Location Services’ in your device’s settings area.) If the lightset device was added previously but does not appear as a connected device, you may also consider deleting and re-adding all devices. If necessary, restart the lightset and then restart the app.

Why do I not see my iSparkle™ lightset in the Bluetooth® settings of my device?

Lightsets are added from within the iSparkle™ app, not from the Bluetooth® settings area of your mobile device. After ensuring that Bluetooth® is switched ON, simply open the Lights Manager within the app, and add lightsets from there.

Why doesn’t the dimmer slider option show up in some of my patterns modes?

The dimmer slider only appears at the bottom of the Patterns window when you are using the “steady” pattern. Other patterns do not support dimming.

Besides the songs built into the app, how do I use my own music with iSparkle™?

Add your own (royalty compliant) music to the iSparkle™ app by clicking the “+” button below the list of available songs in Music mode. When you see your music list, simply select the song you wish to add. (You may need to first grant the iSparkle™ app access to your music library.)

What’s the difference between “Voice” and “Music” Modes?

In Music mode, your iSparkle™ lightsets will respond to the music playing on your mobile device, regardless of music volume or other noise interference . In Voice mode, the lightsets respond to ambient sound in the room such as karaoke-style singing, music playing from another sound source, etc.

Why are there two timers?

iSparkle™ permits you to set two timers for each device or group, so that you can enjoy your iSparkle™ lightsets according to a variety of needs. For instance, you may wish your lights to turn on in the morning before your family rises and turn off before you depart for the day. At the same time, you may wish the lights to turn on once again at sunset and and turn off at bedtime. You may choose to use one, two or no timer functions for each connected lightset.

One or more of my lightsets does not operate as expected…what should I do?

If your iSparkle™ lightset does not operate as it should for any reason, first ensure that your device is operating normally and that Bluetooth is turned ON. Double-check that the lightset is plugged in, turned on and operating normally. If these conditions do not apply, try turning off all connected lightsets and re-starting both the lightsets and the iSparkle™ app. This should normally resolve any unexpected behavior.