Easy DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas to Keep all Year Long

Christmas is just around the corner, the countdown has started and all of us are already in the mood! It’s time to finish up decorating or take your decorations to the next level with last minute retouches.

Let’s admit it 2020 has not been easy for many of us. We all had to find new ways to stay healthy and happy, create a safe environment in our houses for ourselves and our loved ones. So, this Christmas we have higher hopes for the next year but are stronger and more grateful for what we have. That’s why, we all deserve a touch of sparkle, twinkle and magic to remind us how beautiful life still is.

Christmas lights are now available in every shape and color, yet we mostly limit using them only around the tree and just during the Christmas time. Why not get creative with our lights? Let’s start with thinking out of the box about our decoration for this quirky year.

Christmas tree without a tree!

Why not create a Christmas tree that’s made from string lights or pearl lights? This is also perfect for tiny apartments or when you are tight in space. Try it and you’ll be amazed how glorious your DIY Christmas tree or tree-less Christmas Tree will look. For a fuller look, combine different light types like cluster micro lights  aka fairy lights to decorate.

If you liked the idea of going without a Christmas tree, another fun option could be creating a tree shaped photo collage on your wall and decorate it with your lights all around. This is also a great DIY that you can create with everyone in your family to remind you all the beautiful memories of the passing year and pay gratitude everyday. You can create this collage in any shape and form if you wish to keep it all year long!

More ideas to give life to your memories!

A few clothes pegs, a string of lights, your favourite photos and quotes can make an amazing wall decoration. You can also use it to give life to your dreams and wishes to use your installation to manifest!

Create your own Chandelier!

With a hula hoop or and other round (and light) frame, you can combine fabrics and your Christmas lights to make your own chandelier that everyone will want to swing from! Micro cluster lights will work the best to wrap around your frames with their bendable cable and icicle lights will create a 3D effect.

These are a few ideas and tricks that we put together and we’ll keep adding more so stay tuned by signing up to our newsletter for more inspiration.

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