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2020 Christmas Decoration Color Trend Alert!

It seems that everyone wants to go back to being normal and happy and get together with their loved ones on the holidays. While some feel less joyful this Christmas due to circumstances, let’s try to find bright sides and reclaim the spirit of the season! I’ll go first but please share the bright sides of this holiday season for you in the comments below.

I usually decorate my house in November and usually take them off in late January not because I’m lazy but I feel like I didn’t get to enjoy them enough since I was always hopping from one event to the other or traveling to visit my family. This year, since I’m working from home and I won’t be traveling and many of the parties or gatherings are off the table, I will be spending more time at home with my beautiful Christmas decoration! Christmas 2020 brought more time for me to decorate my house and more time to enjoy them.

Ok now let’s look into Christmas 2020 Color Trends!

2020 Christmas Colors

Although red and green are the typical traditional colors of Christmas and they look beautiful together and iSparkle RGB lights have the brightest shades of these two color, let’s give a chance to other color combinations for this very interesting year. We can also go monochrome with our lighting colors and combine them with other decorative elements such as garlands, wood items or glitter ornaments.

If you are looking for a signature and unique color for this year, go with classic blue which looks amazing both with silver and gold if you would like to add some glam. If you are like me, having a hard time to decide on the theme color of your decoration don’t worry. iSparkle RGB LED lights have many beautiful colors that you can change with one touch from the smart app on your phone (and yes they have amazing shades of blue too!)

The color issue is solved for our lights but what about the Christmas Tree? If you are willing to make a change in your tree game this year, you can look into colorful trees but for the ones who are looking for a bigger difference, I recommend not to have a Christmas tree at all. Drop the pine tree off your list and simply install your string lights on the wall in the shape of a pine tree! This will be a great DIY activity for you and your family to get creative as well as saving space!

When you are done with decorating your home and enjoying your cozy, sparkly space on your own, take your friends and family on a tour on a video call. Share your joy, inspire them and of course amaze everyone with your lights!

Happy Christmas Everyone!