Create Magic with Fairy Lights in your Home Decor

Simple but creative ways to light up your indoor spaces with fairy lights

Micro wire or fairy lights are sparkly, twinkly and truly mesmerising. Traditionally, they are used to add bling to parties and of course at Christmas time, but why limit yourself for special occasions when everyday is a special day for each one of us. We all love seeing these pretty lights and they are easy to wrap around furniture, floor lamps, columns, staircase or decorative items in your lights. Let’s discover how we can use them all year long.

Bedroom Decoration with Fairy Lights

Using these lights in your bedroom is full of possibilities depending on the effect that you would like to create. You can weave them around your bed posts or bed frames and turn off all other lights to have a soft illumination.
You can string them up around your drapes or tulles to create a beautiful dreamy feeling. You can use more than one set of iSparkle Cluster RGB LED Lights to create a fuller look or choose iSparkle RGB LED Micro Curtain Lights, which will flow on the tulles around your bed effortlessly. But make sure not to leave them unattended if you are going to combine your lights with fabrics.

Wrapping and twining your fairy lights at the edges of your mirrors ( vanity mirror, dressing mirror or decorative ones) is an instant way to create glam. Depending on the colors of your lights, you can feel like a Hollywood star or add a twist to your shameless mirror selfies 🙂

Living Room Decoration with Fairy Lights

Jazz up your walk through spaces by interweaving fairy lights up your walls and across the ceiling. You can also add other accessories such as lanterns or candles to create an illuminated corner or a glamorous centerpiece. Since these lights are on a bendable wire, you can easily wrap them between shelves, around indoor plants or your art pieces, without even needing a tape.