iSparkle™, the wireless party lights system, allows you to control up to seven different iSparkle™ light chains, icicle lights, net lights and other lighted decor, all from the power of your hand, using Bluetooth™ technology. iSparkle™ is the proprietary development of Noshado™ Ltd, a European-owned Christmas light and lighted Christmas Tree manufacturer based in China.

With manufacturing facilities in Linhai, offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai, and a 280 square meter (3000 square feet) showroom in Ningbo, China featuring hundreds of Christmas lights, lighted trees, acrylic ornaments, decorative seasonal lights, projectors and other festive items.

Noshado™ has been combining the best of European innovation, global quality and service standards and China manufacturing expertise for more than a decade. We work with some of the largest hypermarkets, importers and specialty retailers in Europe, the USA and around the globe.

If you are a retailer, importer or trader and would like to consider adding our products to your merchandise line, or if you are a consumer with questions about iSparkle™ please
contact us.

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